Friday, 15 June 2012

Coil Craft

American designer Doug Johnston's new collection of furniture explores the craft of coiling,a process that is based on an ancient technique used to create ceramic vessels as well as woven baskets. Johnstons adapts this technique and create his own twist on it by using rope instead of the traditional clay. The techique of coiling has resulted in Johnston creating three-dimensional forms suitably used as bags, vessels, and now stools. His designs use rope and stitching as their only mediums which serve both as the objects themselves and the decorative texture of the pieces.His latest furniture collection of stools have been developed for New York based furniture manufacturer "Matter" and continue his exploration of transforming flexible linear materials into sculptural forms and spaces. The stools are made from 100% cotton cord which is coiled according to the desired size and shape and stitched together using an industrial sewing machine.

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