Monday, 7 May 2012

Fitness Furniture

The Jopple stool is a piece of fitness furniture that is capable of a lot more than it first appears to be. When all components are together, the Jopple stool is a rocking, backless seat that encourages people to keep moving while engaging their core as they maintain their balance. When pulled apart, it provides a convenient workout area that can be utilized in small spaces.
Designed by Camille Jaigu, Mathilde de Colnet and Marion Veauvy, the Jopple stool is designed with a wooden frame that houses a workout mat and a softer, smaller version of the stool. The workout mat allows people to lay comfortably when engaging in floor exercises.

Exhibited at the Milan Furniture Fair last month Tobias Fraenzel has designed the "Champ Sofa" for Italian furniture manufacturer Campeggi. This piece of furniture is designed to function both as a sofa and a body fitness tool.

The benefits of sitting on an exercise ball while working or watching the television are the same as incorporating it in exercise routines. This "Active Seat" promotes flexibility,coordination, core strengthening, and balance.
"Active sitting" means that your body, when positioned on top of an exercise ball, is constantly making small adjustments, often imperceptible, to remain balanced and thus is constantly exercising a large group of muscles in doing so. By strengthening your body's core muscle group you help improve your posture, have better balance and guard against back injuries.

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