Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Recycled Cloths Chair Collection

German designer Tobias Juretzek has created a collection of furniture with Casamania using old cloths that have been disgarded and no longer useful as an item of clothing. A collection which won a "Good" design award for excellence in design this year.
Using a pile of old jeans and shirts, he has recycled the worn out clothes into "Remember Me" furniture. Proving that old clothes have never been so fashionable!.Using cast-off clothing from friends, second shops and even his own wardrobe, Juretzek presses the pieces together into chairs and tables using a resin to solidify the materials. About 13 pounds of used clothing goes into each durable chair. The designer soaks them in the resin before compressing them in a mold to dry.
What often intends to be forgotten in wardrobes and boxes, now is brought to light again.So the next time your cleaning out the wardrobe or throwing out old cloths you think can not find new life,think again.


  1. Hmmm.....sound looks so good to me. Really I was looking forward to read about it. Thanks for this allocation. :)
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    1. Thanks for following the blog, glad you like the post. You may also like the "Re-love" chair collection by Maezm and the "Rag Chair" by Tejo Ramy for Droog :)