Tuesday, 17 April 2012

10 Most Unique Tables

These imaginative coffee tables aim to test the limits of traditional design by embracing contemporary materials, technologies and design practices.
Combining aesthetics with push the boundary function, pieces like contorted coffee tables, crumpled dining tables and unstable side tables are just some of the many creative and unique table designs on the web. From the visually intriguing to the tactile and interactive, these innovative furniture pieces are bold and memorable and are taking the design world by storm.

Distorted Table by Suzy Lelievre
Grand Central by Lindstrom and Stromgen
Auto Canabalistic by Atema Architecture

The Corocotta Table by Jason Philips
The Loop Coffee Table By Baita Design

Sectional Table by GT2P

The Why Knot Table by Kino Guerin
Crash Table by Judson Beaumont
The Bonsai Tree Table by Anke Weiss
The Porcupine Table by Naturalism Furniture

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