Friday, 13 April 2012

Real Garden Furniture

Nothing more says green and eco-friendly as growing your own furniture! But it can and has been done. In the world of eco-friendly design there are a couple of designers who have pushed the boundaries to create something truly green. Some are bound by man-made restraints while others grow directly from the soil to form their rare furniture shapes. Check out these unique and wonderful designs.

 This garden chair is the product of an ingenious method of tree shaping developed by a couple of artists at Pooktre. The idea first came about over 20 years ago when Peter Cook,surrounded by natural landscape in the mountains of Australia, wondered if it would be possible to grow his own chairs.

This garden table was designed by furniture company Ayodhyatra. "The Secret Garden Table" is a collage of various moss's with diffrent greens and textures that resemble a natural forest floor. The mossy landscape resemble thosefrom the hills of Tuscany to the Amazon rainforest.
This garden chair was designed by Michel Bussian. "The Growing Chair" was created and grown using a clear plastic chair shaped frame in which tress shot up and grow within to form the chair shape.
This garden chair was designed by Kai Linke. The chair is part of collection of growing furniture called "Roots" which was first shown at the Cologne Furniture Fair in 2010.Kia's "Root" collection involved cultivating fast-growing plants such as grass, cress, and bamboo and chanelling their roots into a clear plastic chair shape mould.

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